How to bring some fresh air in your sex life?

If you are looking for ways to reignite your passion, you should consider finding some weird AF porn styles and watching those videos together with your sweetheart! Studies show that our brains need some novelty in our sexcapades in order to continue producing the chemicals we need to be in love with each other.

What to watch?

First, consider going for younger types of chicks, preferably in school uniforms. Here, you should pay attention to Japanese and Korean sex movies.

Second, look into BDSM. We know that it might sound bad and perverted to you, but the idea is to really get yourself out of the beaten track!

Third, spend enough time watching videos depicting threesomes and gangbangs. The fact is that both of you might be interested in having sex with other people, while still sticking together.

And this kind of movies will enable to scratch this very itch, without actually dicking or pussying around outside of your committed relations.

In particular, threesomes with interracial sex is much fun to watch