Are You a Turn Off?

Do you ever catch her closing her eyes for extended periods of time during sex? Do you think it’s normal? Honestly, what do you think is going through her mind? Well body language doesn’t lie and if she’s closing her eyes, she’s basically trying to suppress the fact that you’re a turn off. Undesirability is not something that you’re born with.

You unwillingly develop it over time and it’s hard to get rid of. Being a turn on doesn’t imply that you must ooze opulence.

It simply means that you have to become enticing. If all this is too bewildering for you, let’s start by the beginning; Identifying what could be making you a turn off. The following is a list of things you could be doing or saying that make you unsavory.

  • burping
  • farting
  • chewing your nails
  • being cheap
  • unrealistic expectations in bed
  • mommy or daddys boy
  • lack of manners
  • insecure
  • brag too much
  • suck up
  • submissive
  • vulgar
  • comparing her with your ex
  • too macho
  • too beta
  • begging
  • poor hygiene
  • bad kisser
  • smoking
  • spending too much time with technology
  • ambitionless
  • negativity
  • lying
  • watch too much porn

The boys and I at SeductionWar put our heads together to brainstorm some solid solutions to enhance your desirability and make you an alluring man.

First off. It goes without mentioning that if you possess any of the aforementioned troublesome traits, you have to get rid of them. The sooner the better. As matter of fact don’t even bother dating or trying to wheel until you torpedo all the above-mentioned slaw flaws. It could take months to sort out your issues but at least you’ll be advancing in the right direction. Investing in yourself is never a waste of time.

Try to adapt any or all of the following

POSITIVE PYGMALION THINKING: Your positive actions toward her, impacts her beliefs about you, which causes positive actions toward you, to reinforce your positive beliefs about yourself by finally influencing you into more positive actions.

A. T. A. C.

ANALYZE= Carefully analyze all the facts behind what has been said or done before reacting. Don’t decide or do anything in the heat of the moment. THINK= Think through all your options. ACT= With caution weighing your words COMMUNICATE= With emotional intelligence.


The perfect balance between trying too hard to make her laugh and having no sense of humour is harder to achieve for some. However you must strive to be funny because women absolutely love a comical man.


If you learn to love yourself, the energy that you give out will be irresistible.


Whether it’s a suave philanthropist or your favourite actor, study how they act and try to emulate them to the best of your abilities.


Put yourself in the other persons shoes in an attempt to see why they feel the way they feel or act the way they act. Beyond trying to understand the other person, empathy is about sharing their feelings so they truly see you care.


I’m not just talking about stimulating her g-spot or being passionate in bed. I’m referring to becoming a stimulating conversationalist and feeling passionate about life.

There are dozens of other great actions and qualities that will make you desirable.

But start with those. They’re the core actions to achieving a more seductive you. If you aspire to have symbiotical perennity with your partner, inaction is not an option. No diet, pills, gimmicks or exotic snake oil can make the flawed you a better you. It all starts with that kilo and a bit of mass you have between your ears that you call a brain. Find the ambition to change deep within you and show her why she made a wise choice by choosing you. If you do so, next time, she might open her eyes during sex.