Anytime, Anywhere

I could have made this article predictable and self centered around my exploits of getting many numbers anytime and anywhere but it defeats the purpose of demonstrating the reality of becoming a man that achieves the impossible. It’s no secret that the mastery of polyvalence lies between your ears in your level of self belief.

Instead of uselessly polluting your mind with deviant techniques of persuasion and manipulation, work on believing in yourself. Self-belief will empower you to walk up to any women, under any circumstance.

What better way to test your capabilities than by talking to women ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Dare to throw yourself to the lionesses and into the f@cked up beautiful  reality where any outcome is possible. It’s up to you to transform perceived impossibility into incredulous reality. I’ve drilled it into your mind that successful seduction starts with self-improvement. In theory, you should be ready for talking to any girl improv style, with no prep time. By innately letting your natural character flow and demonstrating assertiveness, you’ll learn through trial and error the art of talking to women.

Reason: It’s not through inaction and complaining that you’ll meet the woman that’s meant for you.

It’s by getting off your gaming chip eating ass and being proactive about becoming a real man that you’ll make it happen. Don’t just settle for picking up girls in your dreams, do the unthinkable to make your dreams become reality. It all seems like bogus mumbo jumbo and pure theory until you reap the benefits of your persistence and hard work. Motivation will come hard when you seal your first date. Getting a yes is strong motivation to go back out there and try again, even after a failed date. Positive outcome is what fuels men to try and try again. Never give up and keep in mind that love could be right around the next corner smiling back at you.

The right frame of mind:   Annihilate your anguish and destroy your anxiety of approaching with the following frame of mind:   A hundred years from now(or much less) the conversation you’re about to have with the girl you’re thinking of approaching won’t even matter.

Because in the end, you, the girl and everybody laughing and criticizing you will be rotting organic matter buried six feet into the ground. Your anxiety, stress, jitters and self-doubt will have been insignificant in comparison to the history of the universe. Life is too short to spend your energy on what others think of you. Strive for happiness and be the man in REALITY that’s always picking up the girls in your fantasies.

Get her high on intelligent conversation and an ingenious display of charisma.

Treat the worthy women with an exceptional display of stimulation and the unworthy ones with disregard. If the girl is straight up about being a gold-digger, don’t give her the satisfaction of talking to you. Don’t think twice when it’s not meant to be. Remember that your life journey prepares you for the euphoric relationship you’ve been educating yourself for. Don’t dwell on rejection, make it legitimize your worth and let nature take its course.

Cleanse your mind from the crap you’ve been over-saturating your mind with through books, magazines, e-magazines, newspaper articles and videos on how to pick up women. The first times you approach women can be awkward  because you don’t want to f@ck up so bad that you don’t know what to say and end up starring at her like a deer in headlights. it doesn’t matter what technique you try or what you talk about as long as you’re true and believe in yourself without a hint of hesitation.

Seal the deal: Be a gentleman, be humorous, assertive and always be direct.

Women love men that are upfront about their intentions. After you’ve given over your digits or mutually exchanged them, haul ass before you talk too much and dig yourself into a hole. You have to demonstrate that you have a life. Save some substance and conversation for the all mighty first date. Unless you’re ambitions are limited to serial number snatching, it’s important to follow through to test compatibility.

Don’t stop yourself from talking to women you want to talk to. Be the snatcher you crave to be. Challenge yourself with actions that forcefully push you beyond your comfort zone.

Don’t aspire to become a pro at courtship, aim to become a REAL man that exudes truth and virility; the breed that women are magnetized to. Approach after approach, strive to surpass yourself through eclectic ingenuity and bold brilliance. The Pick Up Artists teach demonstration of higher value. I preach expression of authenticity. Don’t focus on the irrelevant people around you, stick to your game and believe in your abilities to achieve anything. Don’t get discouraged by failure, it’s part of your journey to meeting the only woman meant for you. Rejection is the almighty’s way of protection and an indication that something greater is in your destiny; True love.